Mindset Matters


In 2017, a grade 6/7 class in Surrey, British Columbia participated in the 7-week PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs program. Mindset Matters is a film documenting their journey as this class completes the program.


Placing special focus on four students, Josh, Emma, Abel and Muhamet, each of whom have unique social and educational needs, Mindset Matters highlights the depth of personal and academic growth students experience while working through the program.

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The Characters:



A brilliant student with extremely introverted tendencies, Josh has struggled to find the confidence to break out of his shell and interact with his fellow students.


Abel recognizes that he is different from other students when it comes to his learning, and has often found himself falling behind in schoolwork.



Emma is a fantastic student with great grades and all the right answers, but some of the other students find her a little bit “bossy”. 


Despite wanting to work hard, Muhamet gets easily distracted and has struggled to stay on task, leading him to not complete much of his schoolwork. 



The Experts:


Bill Roche, Co-Founder PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs

Bill Roche has dedicated his life to bringing entrepreneurial education into the classroom for young children. He has over 20 years of experience designing school curriculums focused on financial literacy, entrepreneurship and social responsibility.

Charles Chang, Co-Founder PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs

Charles is a lifelong entrepreneur with many successful business ventures to his name. In dedication of his support to the next generation of visionary entrepreneurs in Canada, Charles both co-founded PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs and established his own personal investment fund, Lyra Growth Partners.


Antonio Vendramin, District Principal, Surrey School District

As the District Principal of the Surrey School District, Antonio Vendramin is a huge supporter of the PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs program. Antonio is a strong believer in letting young students exercise their creativity and entrepreneurial thinking in the classroom.

Dr. Sarah Lubik, Director of Entrepreneurship, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Sarah Lubik is actively involved with innovation and entrepreneurial education from students as young as nine right through to post secondary. She was named one of only ten Canadian Innovation Leaders and assists with the Government of Canada’s Inclusive Innovation Agenda. Dr. Lubik sits on the PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs Board of Directors.


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About PowerPlay

PowerPlay Young Entrepreneurs is a program, designed for classrooms ranging from grades 4 to 8, that allows students explore their passions, talents and interests as they plan and carry out their own business ventures. For more information about the program, visit powerplayforsuccess.com.